A New-Found Three-Step Treatment To Beautify Your Interlock Driveway or Patio

After your lovely patio, walkway or driveway has been put in, your interlock remains entirely vulnerable. When interlocking brick remains exposed for an extended time period, there is a greater chance that the stones will be directly in the line of fire of stains, buckling and other severe damages.

Here are the Top 10 Points why sealing your interlock driveway or patio needs to be on your to-do list:
10) Brings Out the Colour on the Interlocking Brick
If you have put on a sealer to your interlocking brick in the past, you will be aware of the transformation that your interlock can undergo is unreal. Each interlocking brick has certain traits and colour schemes. Correct pressure cleaning and sealing will bring out these tints out of the stone and keep your driveway or patio looking like a masterpiece!
9) Once It’s Clean and Sealed, It Stays Clean
Using a high-pressure washer, we are able to strip almost every spots, mud and grime from interlock driveways and patios. Some stains, like rust, motoroil and gas can be stubborn but can often be treated. Sealing your sparkling clean interlock will not only leave it clean underneath the seal, but it will prevent against further stains.
8) Prevents Scratches from Patio Sets and Usage
Polymeric Sand is preferred for heavily-used places, such as driveways, walkways and patios. If you are often parking and driving on your driveway, throwing parties and meals on your interlock patio or otherwise, having polymeric sand in place into your bricks is definitely a great option for you. Polymeric sand is also called glue-sand or bonding-sand. When dampened, the glue polymers in the sand become sticky and when left to dry, become as tough as cement. Spraying 1-2 layers of solvent-based interlock sealer will tighten up your bricks and make your interlock surface firm.
6) Like-New Shine
Many homeowners are discouraged when they find out that the interlocking bricks that they spent so much cash and time on are now colorless, boring and an unsightly scar for their residence. Power washing and sealing your paver stone driveway or patio will result in the surface displaying a brand-new gleam. Dirt and grime will be removed off the front of your interlock as if there was a protective shield over your driveway or patio.
2) Shield Versus the Weather (Sun, Snow, Ice, Rain) and Oil and Gasoline Leaks
Furthermore, this coat of protective sealant stops damage from UV Rays caused by the powerful summer Sun, mounds of snow, layers of ice and downpours of rain. Motoroil leaks such as oil and gasoline are much easier to fix after sealing has been completed. It’s better to be protected!
1) Extends the Interlock’s Useful Life
Best of all, you will dramatically prolong the useful life of your interlock driveway or patio. Paver stones often have a useful life of fifty years, but this assumes proper work and attention. Sealing your interlock every two-three years will keep your bricks sparkling as new as the time they were laid for years in the future. Impress your visitors, family, friends and of course yourself with your sparkling and transformed interlocking brick driveway or patio.

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